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Discover Sinai through 'Darb Sina' which means the ancient paths of Sinai. If you haven't visited Sinai and Catherine before, decide now to join us and find out about it through darb sina and the various programs that suit all classes and different ages. You can visit the monastery of St. Catherine and visitor center of the protectorate of St. Catherine, where valuable information about the heritage and environment around St. Catherine area; As the city of St. Catherine is an area of global cultural heritage that is worth to be visited and viewed.

You can also climb Moses Mountain, which is also called Mt. Sinai, and Mount Catherine, where the remains of St. Catherine were found, and is also of great importance for the Copts (Christians). There are also so many activities that you can do here.

If you like walking in the mountains, then this is the suitable place for a hike ranges from 1 to 15 days through the mountains and valleys or Wadis of South Sinai and St. Catherine. For those who want a jeep or camel ride or walking, you can discover the area through darb Sina : like the nice Canyons and yellow sand dunes. Sinai is also the best place for those who like cycling in the mountains and climbing mountains or rope climbing. There are so many other things to discover in the Sinai such as the Bedouin life and making new friends. For those who are interested in medicinal and aromatic plants, there are 472 plant species in St. Catherine.

You can also enjoy Yoga and meditation. Here are so many ideal places to relax, meditate or practice yoga. Guides will stay right away from your location and will only interrupt your peace when necessary; eg. meals.

Featured treks in Sinai
For those people who want to enjoy the traditional Bedouin way of travelling in the desert, then a 'walking & camel safari' is perfect for you. Our walking safari can be organised across the whole of Southern Sinai, either in the canyons near the coast, the desert sand dunes or in the high mountains.
We offer lots of hikes starting from one to fifteen days so you can choose among them. There are simple ones that suit different ages. The average of walking hours ranges from 5 to 7 hours as you can enjoy the surroundings.
A must-do tour to St. Katherine's Monastery and Mount Sinai ascent at sunrise, this walking trip takes you on a two day hike up and around Mt. Sinai, towards the backside's 'valley of the forty martyrs' -Wadi El Arbaein. A great opportunity to explore the region on foot and enjoy some breathtaking panoramic.
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